NGRef: SN1813
OSMap: LR158
Type: Fortlet
None identified

The Suspected Roman Fortlet at Tavernspite

The Tavernspite Roman fortlet situated near the Pembrokeshire-Carmarthenshire border would appear to be a spurious entry in the fourth edition of the Ordnance Survey Map and Guide - Roman Britain. The fortlet does not appear iconised on the map itself but is listed in the index, along with a grid reference. The site does not appear on the 3rd or 5th editions of this map at all. I have also looked on the Welsh National Sites and Monuments Record to confirm that there is no known Roman site in the area.

Bibliography and Links

See: Historical Map and Guide: Roman Britain by the OS (3rd Edition, 1956; 4th Ed., 1990; 5th Ed., 2001)

Many thanks to Kevin Woodroffe, who first drew my attention to this anomaly.

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