NGRef: NS7777
OSMap: LR64
Type: Camp
None identified

The Antonine fort at Westerwood lies about ¾ mile to the west of the Tollpark camp and the fort at Castlecary a similar distance to the north-east. There are marching camps about ½ mile to the east at Garnhall and others about a mile to the south-west at Dullatur. The Military Way was investigated at Tollpark in 1983, when it was found to be 22½ feet wide (6.3 m), the road metalling being laid upon a base of turves.

NS778775 c.550 x 420 ft
(c.168 x 128 m)
c.5¼ acres
(c.2.15 ha)
This camp was first recorded on aerial photographs taken by J.K. St. Joseph in 1949, which revealed 400 ft. of the W side, 330 ft. of the N side and the connecting NW corner-angle. Further A.P.'s taken in 1951 revealed the E half of the camp, establishing its size at a little over 5¼ acres. A gateway was recorded in the E side.
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