NGRef: NY1281
OSMap: LR78
Type: Camp
None identified
NY120818 c.1,550 x 1,000 ft
(472 x 305 m)
35½ acres
(14.7 ha)
Discovered by the great antiquarian Roy in 1769 on heathland NW of Fairholm, parts of this camp have been incorporated into field boundaries. The Roman defences are best observed at the NW angle where the rampart survives as a mound 14 feet across. The two titulus outworks noted by Roy on the W now lie in a plantation; they were clearly visible in the 1950's. The north side of the camp was clearly visible for the first time from the air as crop-marks during the early-1960's, when it was discerned that there was a slight change of alignment at a centrally-placed gateway on this side.

The Ladyward fort lies a little way to the north-west (NY1182), and there is another marching camp beyond at Lochmaben (NY0982).

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