NGRef: SW8263
OSMap: LR200
Type: Settlement, Tin Mine, Mine
Possible Trackway: SW (16) to Carn Brea (Carn Brea, Cornwall)
Possible Road/Trackway: E (13) to Nanstallon

Romano-British Tin Mines in Cornwall

SW7840 Carnon,¹ Feock, Cornwall
SW8562 Treloy, St. Columb Minor, Cornwall
SW8865 Carnanton, Magwan in Pyder, Cornwall
SX0367 Boscarne,¹ Bodmin, Cornwall
  1. The mines at Carnon and Boscarne are included in the OS Map of Roman Britain 3rd edition, published in 1956, but are omitted from the current OS publication Historical Map and Guide - Roman Britain, first published in 1994.
See: Historical Map and Guide - Roman Britain by the Ordnance Survey (3rd, 4th & 5th eds., 1956, 1994 & 2001).

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