NGRef: ST0098
OSMap: LR170
Type: Camp
None identified

ST002982 1,250 x 580 ft
(381 x 176 m)
16 acres
(c.6.4 ha)
Lying on a moorland spur at a height of about 1,500 ft (457m), this camp has a very irregular outline, entirely due to the broken ground on which it is built.

This large temporary marching camp lies in the St Gwynno Forest some 9½ miles west of the fort at Gelli-gaer in Mid-Glamorgan. The encampment encloses the summit of Twyn-y-Briddallt (alt. 1,488 ft; 453.5 m) to the north-west of Carn-y-Pigwn (1,542 ft; 470 m) where the Roman engineers utilized the Craig-y-Gilwern ridge, which towers above the town of Ferndale in the Rhondda Fach, to form the south-western defences of their encampment, with the north-eastern defences aligned parallel to this ridge some distance beyond the summit of Twyn-y-Briddallt. The camp has been attributed to the campaigns of Sextus Julius Frontinus sometime during the period A.D.73 to 78, along with other large camps at Blaen-cwm-Bach and Pen-y-Coedcae.

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