NGRef: SH 212 820
OSMap: LR114
Type: Minor Settlement
None identified

Ty Mawr - The Bigger House

This settlement is situated on the south-west slopes of Holyhead Mountain below Caer-y-Twr, and is also known locally as Cytiau Gwyddelod or 'The Huts of the Irishmen'. The site comprises 20 circular huts in two groups (6 and 14), some of the dwellings being up to 10m in diameter, many of which are still clearly visible, having low, drystone walls and hearth-stones still en situ. In some of the dwellings there are even the rectangular outlines of beds marked out by slabs set edgewise. One hut contained copper slag, probably originating from the ancient mines on Parys Mountain in the north-east of the island. There were originally about 50 huts spread over some 8ha. Datable finds include querns, mortars, spindles, pottery and coins, which indicate occupation during the 3rd - 4th centuries AD, in the latter half of the period of Roman Britain.

See: The Shell Guide to British Archaeology by Jaquetta Hawkes (London, 1986).
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