NGRef: NT6921
OSMap: LR74
Type: Camp
None identified
Ulston Moor 1, Cappuck Camp 1
NT687217 1,125 x 750 ft
(343 x 229 m)
19¼ acres
(7.8 ha)
This large camp lies about ½ mile NW of Cappuck on Ulston Moor. It was discovered by J.K. St. Joseph on air photographs taken in 1955 and its entire perimeter established on further A.P.'s by 1957. The camp is aligned SW-NE. A.P.'s taken in the late-1950's revealed the north gateway, also a cross-ditch with a central gate some 230 ft. from the west side which is indicative of at least two occupation periods.
Cappuck Camp 2 (South)
NT698209 1000+ x 500+ ft
(305+ x 152+ m)
>11½ acres
(>4.6 ha)
This camp was discovered on aerial photographs taken in the late-1950's lying on sloping ground south-west of Dere Street to south of the fort at Cappuck. Only 1,000 ft. of the south-east and 500 ft. of the north-east sides are known, together with the rounded east angle.
Ulston Moor 2, Cappuck Camp 3
NT691222 c.1,650 x 1,250 ft
(c.503 x 381 m)
c.47¼ acres
(c.19.2 ha)
Discovered by professor St. Joseph in 1972, this large camp lies about ½-mile north-west of the Cappuck fort close to Camp #1, but on the north side of Dere Street.
Ulston Moor 3, Cappuck Camp 4
NT6922 c.500 x 450 ft
(c.152 x 137 m)
c.5¼ acres
(c.2 ha)
This small camp was discovered from the air by J.K. St. Joseph and was first reported in 1977. It lies within the camp discovered in 1972 and is oriented south-east to north-west.
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