NGRef: SK0906
OSMap: LR139
Type: Camp
None identified
Wall 1, Staffordshire
SK090066 c.500 x 600 ft
(152 x 182 m)
6 acres
(2.5 ha)
This camp lies just N of the Watling Street in open farmland about ½ mile (850m) outside the W defences of the Letocetum Roman Burg. All but the NW quarter of the camp has been recorded, but the position of the NW angle can be determined by extrapolation of the known N and E defences. The only confirmed gateway lies in the centre of the E side.
Wall 2, Staffordshire
SK099064 c.330 x c.490 ft
(c.100 x c.150 m)
c.3¾ acre
(1.5 ha)
Only the NW corner-angle, a 90m stretch of the N defences and a 60m length of the W rampart of this camp are recorded. The W defences are truncated by the modern A5 bypass while the N rampart disappears beneath the 3rd-century defences of the Letocetum/Wall Roman Burg. There are small gaps in the perimeter about 60m E along the N rampart, and about 30m S along the W defences, which, if they represent centrally placed gateways would mean that the original camp's dimensions were about 100m N-s by about 150m E-W, which are typical dimensions and ratio's for a small Roman camp of about 3¾ acre (1.5 ha).
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

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