NGRef: SJ9011
OSMap: LR127
Type: Camp
None identified
Water Eaton Camp 1, Staffordshire
SJ903113 c.310 x 531 ft
(c.94 x 162 m)
c.3¾ acres
(1.5 ha)
Located close by the east bank of the River Penk, the complete circuit of this camp has been established. A modern drainage ditch bisects the camp from east to west. No gateways are discernable.
Water Eaton Camp 2, Staffordshire
SJ903111 c.575 x 650+ ft
(c.175 x 200+ m)
8 acres
(c.3.3 ha)
Only the north corner-angle and short lengths of the north-west and north-east sides of this sub-rectangular camp have been established, respectively 625 and 545 feet (195 and 170m) in length. The western defences bow noticably outwards towards a possible gateway set approximately centrally in this side. Local topography suggests that the eastern defences of this camp lies just to the west of Water Eaton Lane, while the southern defences may have run along the line of the service-road to Water Eaton House, and if this in the case the camp would have enclosed an area around 8 acres (c.3.3ha).
Stretton Mill, Water Eaton Camp 3, Staffordshire
SJ898111 unknown unknown The northern corner angle, a short length of the north-east side and a longer length of the north-west side of this camp have been established. The south-western parts of this camp are overlaid by the south-eastern defences of the Stretton Mill fort.
Stretton Mill, Water Eaton Camp 4, Staffordshire
SJ899111 unknown unknown Only the north-west corner-angle and short lengths of the west and north sides have been established for this camp.
Stretton Mill, Water Eaton Camp 5, Staffordshire
SJ900112 unknown unknown This camp is known only from the south-west corner-angle, a short length of the south side and a longer length of the west side.
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