NGRef: SE6774
OSMap: LR100
Type: Camp
None identified
SE674745 695 x 755 ft
(c.212 x 230 m)
c.12 acres
(4.9 ha)
This encampment lies on the summit of Diana Hill on the edge of a limestone escarpment overlooking Wath Beck from the east. The camp was discovered from aerial photographs by Prof. St. Joseph in 1976, and almost the entirety of the perimeter is known from crop marks in the two fields which cover the summit of the hill. The north-western corner-angle of the camp is still discernable outside the west edge of the northernmost field, on the outskirts of Wath Wood. The camp is almost square in outline and seemingly aligned due north; there is an aparrent gate in the middle of the northern defences and two gaps in the defences on both the east and west sides, the crop-marks delineating the southern rampart are indistinct.
See: Roman Camps in England - The Field Archaeology by the R.C.H.M.E.

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