NGRef: SJ 515 270
OSMap: LR126
Type: Fort
None identified

The Suspected Roman Fort South of Wem

SJ515270 c.348 x 177 ft
(c.106 x 54 m)
c.½ acre
(c.0.57 ha)

This suspected fort lies about three miles to the west of the Roman road running between Wroxeter and Whitchurch in Shropshire, at a point about mid-way between the two towns. If the enclosure does turn out to be Roman, its position, forward of the military highway suggests that it was constructed before the road was laid. The elongated shape, almost twice as long as broad and forming a parallelogram in outline, does not conform to the standard playing-card format of a Roman military enclosure. There are other reasons to suspect that the site is non-Roman; its position, overlooked by high-ground close-by is very un-military, also the fact that the only finds turned-up during frequent ploughing have all been Medieval or Tudor in date; although this second point may be due to continuing occupation where the overlying Medieval layers have been disturbed but the ploughshare has not yet reached the underlying Roman levels. More field-work is needed to evaluate this interesting and probably multi-period site.

See: Shropshire Sites and Monuments Record (PRN 01136, 2002)
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