NGRef: ST5213
OSMap: LR194
Type: Roman Building
N (6.5) to Ilchester
SSE (19) to Dvrnovaria (Dorchester, Dorset)

There is a single inscription listed in Vol.I of the R.I.B. for West Coker, a dedicatory ansate plate to the god Mars Rigisamos, a conflation of the Roman god of war and one of his Native equivalents (vide RIB 187 infra), which was in former times affixed to the wall of a temple or upon an altar or pedestal dedicated to the god.

Bronze Ansate Plate from West Coker


"To the god Martius Rigisamus, Juventius Sabinus willingly and deservedly fulfils his vow."

(RIB 187; bronze ansate plate)

Aside from the Substantial Roman buildings at West Coker there are several villa estates in the area, at Lufton (ST5117), North Coker (ST5413) and Westland (ST5415). In addition to the above-mentioned sites which lie in Somerset, there are a couple of villas at Halstock (ST5307) and Thornford (ST5913) and other substantial Roman buildings at Rampisham (ST5503) and Lenthay (ST6215), all in Dorset.

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