NGRef: SJ 354 094
OSMap: LR126
Type: Fort
Road: E (16) to Viroconivm
Road: SW (12) to Forden Gaer (Forden Gaer, Powys)

The Possible Fort Site at Westbury

SJ354094 unknown unknown

This site lies roughly half-way along the Roman road from the fortress at Wroxeter to the legionary fort at Forden Gaer. The only evidence of Roman occupation, uncovered during the digging of a cess-pit in a back-garden at the centre of the village, is a section of 'wattle and daub' walling which had apparently collapsed upon a floor of gravel and compacted earth. These construction methods are typical of those used in a Roman timber building, and fragments of roof-tile have enabled positive identification of the buried remains as Roman. The probability of a substantial Roman presence here remains strong.

See: Shropshire Sites and Monuments Record (PRN 01591, 2002)
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