NGRef: SJ6186
OSMap: LR109
Type: Major Settlement
S (8) to Condate (Northwich, Cheshire)
SW (19) to Deva (Chester, Cheshire)
Possible road: ENE (15) to Mamvcivm (Manchester, Greater Manchester)
S (8) to Nantwich
N (13) to Coccivm (Wigan, Lancashire)

Large numbers of Roman coins have been turned-up as casual finds over the years at Wilderspool, confirming the Roman presence here (Watkin 1886, Kendrick 1872). These antiquarians recorded some 23 coins with various provenances ranging from Republican silver issues (2) to silver & copper issues of Commodus (R.I.C. 500?), including 9 of Trajan and 4 of Hadrian both of silver and copper denominations. Many more coins were recovered during extensive excavations conducted by Thomas May between 1895 and 1906, and the results published in five issues of the H.S.L.C. The coins recovered during these investigations numbered 88 identifiable and 23 illegible coins ranging from republican silver (2) to a silver of Septimius Severus, including 37 of Trajan, 16 of Hadrian, 14 of Domitian and 8 of Vespasian. Excavations conducted in 1910 unearthed 14 coins ranging from Trajan (7) to Septimius Severus, and further exploration in the 1930's recovered a single issue of Florian. Another major excavation in 1966 produced 22 coins, of which three coppers were unidentified and the others ranged from a single republican silver to a copper of Constantine I, along with 5 Trajanic and 4 Domitianic issues. In addition, another 6 casual finds have been recorded, all copper, ranging from Agrippa to Tetricus. In all, 154 coins have been recorded up to 1990, with by far the most falling into the reign of Trajan (96-117AD) who has 60 examples, followed by 33 Domitianic issues (69-96AD) and 25 Hadrianic (117-138AD).

See: Roman Coins from North-West England by David Shotter (Lancaster 1990) pp.41-46.
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