NGRef: SP5312
OSMap: LR164
Type: Temple Or Shrine
None identified

This square temple lies in Middle Hill Field within a temenos beside the Dorchester-Alchester road, about four miles north of Oxford. The outer portico measured 37½ feet by 36½ feet, the inner cella 19 feet by 16 ft. 5 in. The outer wall was an almost uniform 2½ feet wide, the inner wall varying between 1½-2 feet. The temple probably faced east. The original building was erected around 65AD with a wooden portico which later burnt to the ground, This wooden building was replaced by one of stone during the late-2nd century at the same time the temenos was included. The temple remained in use until the 5th century. (Type Ic or Id)

Roman Tombstone from Wood Eaton


"To the shades of the departed Decimus Malus[ius ...]"

(RIB 240; limestone tombstone fragment; found 1934 during ploughing; now in Ashmolean Mus.; restored)

There are five monumental inscriptions recorded in the R.I.B. for the Wood Eaton site. The only stone artifact is a tombstone (RIB 240 supra), all the others being of bronze, comprising parts of two inscribed plates and a total of nine brazen letters (RIB 236-239 infra). All of these pieces now reside in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.

Roman Bronze Items From Wood Eaton

Text Location of Find RIB
...EDO thin bronze plate found in 1841 236
...XENOVI... ...NDVX... ...IT... bronze plate fragment found in 1953 during ploughing 237
A T V E/F four bronze letters found during excavations in 1919 & 1934 238
M N TI/IT I/L E/I five bronze letters found in 1952 within temenos of Romano-British temple 239

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