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RSS is an acronym of 'Really Simple Syndication' and is the accepted standard for online news articles or other frequently updated content such as weblogs and website update reports. RSS is also used to distribute other digital web media such as audio, video and image files. RSS news feeds, also known as XML feeds, web feeds or syndicated content, allow you to subscribe to your chosen media channel so you are kept up to date with new articles without having to continually check the web site producing the feed. Once you have subscribed to a newsfeed, any new articles published by the website will be listed automatically in the RSS reader of your choice, allowing you to select any items of interest to read the full text or to view the listed media.

What Does the RBO RSS Feed Contain ?

The NewsFeed is shown in the floating panel on the right. As you might expect, it contains all of the latest news about the RBO website, keeping you informed about the latest additions and updates. Clicking on any of the News Items beneath the Channel Header at the top of the feed will load a separate page containing details of that particular News Item, while clicking on the Channel Header link itself will load the NewsFeed Index, which lists all current and archived news items.

How do I subscribe ?

Subscribe with the My Yahoo RSS reader service
Subscribe with the Bloglines RSS reader service
Subscribe with the Newsgator RSS reader service
Subscribe with the Pluck RSS reader service
Subscribe with Netvibes

If you use any of the news readers shown on the left please use the appropriate button to automatically subscribe to the RSS news feed, otherwise you can copy and paste the feed URL (shown below) into your favourite web browser.


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