The Romans in Roman Britain

Romani in Britanniarum Romanorum

These linked pages contain details of the customs and traditions that the Roman conquerors brought to the backward island of Britain. Not data on Roman Britain itself, but essential information for anyone wishing to understand how Britain functioned under the Roman administration.

Roman Calendar
Have you ever wondered why 'there are 30 days in September, April, June and November, while all the rest have 31, save February alone ...' ? Then you probably don't get out enough. Anyway, this page explains the origins of the modern Gregorian Calendar and its predecessor devised by Julius Caesar.
Roman Festivals
This page shows all of the Roman festivals and public holidays, which were celebrated with animal sacrifices, gladiatorial games, public feasts, orgies, flagellation, cavorting naked in the streets and painting your face vermillion.
Roman Numerals
A simple breakdown of the Roman numeric system, showing how it was impossible for the Romans to do complex mathematics without breaking thier fingers or otherwise ending up in the valetudinarium.
Roman Emperors
A list of all Roman emperors from Augustus Caesar, the Nephew of Julius Caesar, to the last of the Western Emperors, Romulus Augustulus.
Roman Consuls
A partial list of the highest magistrates in Rome.
Roman Governors
A menu listing all known pro-praetorian governors of the Roman province(s) of Britannia.
Latin Abbreviations
A list of Latin abbreviations and acronyms used on monumental inscriptions. We all know that on modern gravestones the letters R.I.P. are an acronym of 'Rest in Peace', but what did the Romans put on the tombs of thier dear departed? Find out here!
Togo's Kak Latin
For a bit of fun, here are a few choice Latin phrases and thier English translations. This page contains a lot of swearing in Latin.
Roman Appendix
If there has been something missed out of the preceeding pages you'll probably find it in here.
Roman Military Menu
Menu of links to the Roman legions, auxiliary cohorts and cavalry wings stationed in Britain, along with the fortresses, forts, temporary marching camps and other types of encampments which housed these units.
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