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Arabic to Roman Numeral Translator

Mathematics A Real Problem?

It would be if you had to use Roman numerals!

Today, by using the mind-boggling powers of the World-Wide-Web, HTML and JavaScript, RBO is proud to present:

Togodumnus' Arabic2Roman Numeric Translator

Enter any Arabic number between 1 and 9999 in the text box below, then click on the 'Translate...' button. The corresponding Roman numeral will appear in the space below the text box.

Arabic number:  


Please note that this JavaScript routine is presented on the understanding that you can do whatever the hell you want with it. I will be updating the program to do retro-translations - that is, Roman to Arabic - in the very near future. Also on the agenda is an amendment to cope with a higher input value. Togodumnus - the RBO Webmaster

For further information on Roman numerals: percute hic!

RBO Roman Appendix


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Large amounts of coffee were also imbibed.
Togodumnus - the RBO Webmaster